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4 Signs You Should Hire a Corporate Video Production Company

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Is it possible to be a jack of all trades and still be the master of all? When it comes to running a company, not always. It may be enticing to be that one-man-band and handle every aspect of your company by yourself, but at what cost?

Whether you are part of a small non-profit or a large multinational corporation, you have probably come to that crossroad: is it more worth it to create your own commercial videos, or outsource them? Is it better to invest time or money into commercial video production in Singapore? Well, if you have ever been in that position, here are four signs that suggest it’s time to hire a corporate video production company for your commercial video needs.

Corporate Video Production

1. You are stretched too thin.

Does it feel like you are focusing too much time and resources on video production that other aspects of your company are suffering? Sure, video marketing is important, but is it worth losing time on the other departments your company needs to run effectively? Are you getting team members to work on video production when their skills are much needed elsewhere? If you think you have too much on your plate, perhaps it is best to sit back and look at your situation. Is video production taking up too much effort? Might it be better if you hire a corporate video production company and focus on other, more important jobs instead? Remember, the more spread out you are across different projects at work, the more the quality of your work will suffer. If an important task has come up and requires your expertise, it may be better to outsource your video work – even if only temporarily – to someone who dedicates their working hours to video production.

2. You want a more professional look.

Even if you have the best in-house video production team, nobody is perfect at everything. There are aspects that your team excels at, and probably also areas where your team can improve. If you are looking to brush up on those parts that your in-house production is lacking in, it may be time to look externally for a corporate video production company. Hiring a video production vendor does not mean that your own video production team has nothing to do now. Instead, why not combine the efforts of both to reach even greater heights? This strategy is made even better if you know your crew inside out and their strengths and weaknesses. If your team is excellent at scripting but not so good at visual storytelling, you can collaborate with a video production company that specialises in making the visuals. Or if your team excels at animation, you can find a corporate video production company that does superb writing jobs. The key is to work with your company’s strengths and find a partner that complements what you already have.

3. You require a high volume of production.

Most in-house video production crews have all the skills they need to create stunning and impactful visuals. However, what they are lacking in is the time and resources to do it. This is especially true for smaller companies, which may be lacking in resources such as funding and manpower. If you suddenly need to up your workload, will your in-house crew be able to keep up with the demand? When it is time for production volume to increase, it is a good idea to talk to your video crew and discuss the time frame and requirements. If either side is finding it difficult to deliver with the same speed and quality as before, perhaps it’s best to look at outsourcing some part of your video marketing. One advantage of corporate video production companies is that their work is centered around commercial video marketing, and they have plenty of experience working on tight deadlines. By getting many more pairs of seasoned helping hands, you can effectively increase the maximum capacity of video production for your company.

4. When it is more cost-effective.

At a glance, it may seem that hiring video production in Singapore is more expensive than creating your own in-house videos. Besides, a company that is able to do everything by itself is the best…right? It may be a valiant effort, but if you are out to make a profit, it is important to consider the most cost-effective option. What are the opportunity costs of hiring more in-house video production staff or spending your time doing the videos? Is in-house video production coming at the expense of your company’s product quality? If these costs are racking up to be more than what a corporate video production company charges, this is a sign that it may be more cost-effective to outsource your video production than hire more staff and try to get it done in-house.

Do any of these situations ring true? If so, you may benefit from hiring us as your corporate video company in Singapore. We care about your project and your company as much as you do, and we’ll always give it our best effort. Already have an in-house video production team? No problem! We are delighted to work alongside your crew to make the outcome even better. Get in touch with us today and we will get back to you shortly.



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