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Best Ways to Market Your Commercial Video

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Great, you’ve got a fresh, exciting brand video all ready for the audience! It was handcrafted with full attention to every detail and painstakingly put together to form a perfect representation of your company that you’re sure every potential customer will enjoy. However, you may find yourself running into a new problem now: how does one actually get the audience?

The marketing process of a commercial video is an often-overlooked aspect of the brand video production process. While many companies focus on the pre-production and production of a video, the promotion is just as important and should receive an equal amount of attention. After all, you could have the most professional video out there, but what good will it do if nobody ends up seeing it in the first place? It may seem strange to have to promote a video that was created to promote your brand, but fortunately, there are numerous ways for one to make sure that their commercial video definitely gets seen. When done right, a commercial video can increase conversions drastically – some sources claim the conversion rate can increase by 80 percent! We believe the results are definitely worth the time investment.

Brand Video Production

Create a Great Thumbnail

Thumbnails are often the deciding factor as to whether a viewer plays your video or not. Unfortunately, many people do judge a book by its cover – or in this case, a video by its thumbnail. Users scrolling through social media feeds or video sharing platforms typically only play a video if its thumbnail looks enticing enough to warrant their attention. As such, you would probably want to create a custom thumbnail instead of leaving it up to the video player’s automatic thumbnails.

What’s more, thumbnails featuring people’s faces – especially smiling people making direct eye contact with the camera – tend to get more attention than those that do not. Most people, as social beings, are especially drawn towards other people, more so than inanimate objects or walls of text. An image of a person making eye contact with the viewer and smiling at them further adds a non-verbal meaning of invitation, and it can be difficult for people to scroll away from your video’s thumbnail without at least paying extra attention to it. Add a succinct title on your thumbnail, and you’re all set.

Encourage Your Audience to Share Your Video

Video traffic relies a lot on viewer sharing. The most popular videos have billions and even trillions of views, but their creators certainly didn’t personally share the video with that many people. Sure, your video may pop up in some users’ recommendations, but to be sure that people really pay attention to it, user sharing can be more effective. People are also more likely to watch something that someone they know recommended, rather than any random video on the Internet.

One way you can encourage viewers to share your video is to include share buttons on your video player. Most video sharing platforms already do this, but if you are using a video player that does not have one, try incorporating share buttons for all the major social media sites to make it extra convenient for your viewers to spread the love.

You can also simply ask people you know to help share your video on their social media pages. It may seem oddly easy to just ask others to help, but it often works. You can go on with some details about your company and its video commercial production, then when your video is done, advertise it to your social circles with pride. It may sound surprising, but even casual acquaintances may be willing to do you a favour and share your work!

Put Your Video on the Front Page of Social Media

Instead of making a single post about your new video and allowing it to drop down your company’s social media page – and down people’s news feeds, pin your video to the top of your social media profile for as long as you are promoting it. Most viewers will not scroll all the way down a social media profile, but they will look at the first post on your page.

Pinned posts also tend to get more likes, comments, and shares as the first post anyone sees on your company’s profile page. This helps to keep your post fresh on others’ news feeds when their friends like, comment, or share the post. By featuring your video there, you can be sure that it receives the attention it deserves.

Play Your Video at Events

One of the best ways to get people to watch your video is to play it for them. In fact, playing a video at a corporate event reduces monotony and gets people to look up from their devices. Most people get tired of listening to the same person talk for an extended period of time, no matter how engaging the speaker is. By interjecting with a video during your presentation, you get to “force” your audience to watch and listen, a welcome break from listening to a presentation for some time. Since your audience is physically present at the venue, it is also difficult for them to tune out the video completely, unlike tabbing out, muting or simply closing a webpage.

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