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How Do You Create A Brand Video?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

When it comes to creating a brand, you need to ascertain your value within the market. A brand is your way of representing yourself to the consumers, suppliers, and competitors. People perceive you in the light of the reputation and representation of your brand.

In this digital world, the most effective way to create your brand is through brand video production. Your branding video can skyrocket your success and allows your target audience to find you.

What Is A Brand Video?

A brand video is the type of video that creates awareness and demonstrates your services to the targeted audience. It displays and highlights your brand to the world. A brand video does not necessarily give details regarding a specific product; instead, it creates your perception and establishes your authority within the audience.

How To Make Brand Video?

With brand video production, you will be developing your image in the eyes of the audience. People would know you from your brand’s values, personality, and services. For this reason, you should give utmost priority to produce an authentic and appropriate voice for your brand. You can utilize the following tips to create a brand video:

· Find your target audience and study them

· Start making a plan for the brand video to reach the targeted audience

· Create a compelling story of your brand that people can connect to

· Synchronize your values, brand’s voice, and video content

· Choose a professional production company to create the brand video

What Is A Video Commercial?

A video commercial is a short duration video produced to give a screenshot of your product, services, and features. Video commercial production has a particular purpose of creating brand awareness, convey its message, and win audiences. It helps in making an emotional connection with your consumers and inspires them for the call to action.

Over time, commercial videos have shifted to social media platforms from traditional television or magazine back covers. The commercial videos display the talents of artists and professionals in a way that leaves a lasting impact on the viewers.

brand and commercial video

Marketing campaigns have always regarded video commercials as a potent weapon to distribute to a large population. If you want to reach the masses and want to make a large audience aware of your brand, you should consider video commercial production.

How Can You Make Video Commercial?

Video commercials require a systematic procedure to get structured. It goes through a rigorous process to develop video content that can inspire people. The process can be categorised into three phases: pre-production, production, and post-production. You need to study your audience and know all about them in the pre-production phase to adapt their tone. You have to decide the critical message that your commercial will convey and craft the content around it.

Further, select a storytelling style and make a storyboard for dynamic video creation. After deciding on the locations and setting the schedule, you can shoot your commercial in the production phase. During the post-production phase, you edit, sync, and integrate scenes. Also, you can add graphics and mix sound recordings to complete the commercial.

If you pay attention to each step of your commercial production and takes care of minute details, then you can achieve a brilliant commercial. With added care, your efforts would not go to waste.

What Makes A Good Commercial Video?

When many companies are producing several commercials each day, what would make your commercial video stand out amongst them?

Firstly, you need to stick to your values and ensure your brand’s voice. Once you are clear on the message you want to give to the audience, you can discover a compelling method to tell your story. No one could compete with your truth and values. Your honest story would bring a difference and help you relate with the audience.

Further, after creating a story, it would be time to film the commercial. The quality of your video commercial should be high with appropriate visual effects. For this purpose, you need:

· A professional team and crew for commercial video production

· You must use cinema-grade cameras and lenses for shooting your video.

· Keep your message short and succinct that elicits emotions in your audience.

· Adjust the lighting to create stunning effects

· Use graphics and animations wherever you can

These processes would help you create a great video commercial, which would have a massive impact on the people.

Hire A Professional Production Agency

Acquiring the services of a professional video commercial production company would lessen your worries. As an expert, a company knows how to create your brand's voice, target audience and compel people to call to action. We can help you in creating your brand and commercial video. So, contact us to get services in Singapore.

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