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How To Structure Persuasive Video Content For Your Business

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Video Production Marketing is not a novel concept by any stretch of the imagination. Your digital marketing video should be as well planned as your Super Bowl ad, so don't rush into it without completing your research and planning. Your video marketing approach will eventually drive your budget, timeframes, production methods, conversion metrics, and more—and that's only the beginning. As a result, this should be the first stage in your video-making process.

Beginning With Your Video Objectives

Planning your video strategy begins with defining your video's objectives. A video should be made for each level of the marketing funnel. Before getting started, you'll need to choose which step of the process is most crucial to focus on.

  1. Awareness: Viewers are presented with a task or opportunity, and they recognize they have a problem. At this point, your videos should entice viewers and expose your company to a whole new group of people.

  2. Consideration: Now, the spectator is pondering how they can tackle the difficulty they're confronted with. Researching, getting advice from friends and family and checking out product evaluations, they're looking for the most cost-effective options.

  3. Decision: If you want to keep your name at the forefront of people's minds, you'll have to make a decision. Prove to your potential consumer that your product or service is superior to the competition by showing them testimonials from happy customers.

Determine Who Your Ideal Client Is

Next, find out who your target demographic is, based on how far along in the marketing funnel they are at this point. Creating a video without a clear target audience in mind would almost always fail. Only those destined to see it will, and only those who watch it will change their mind. There are several ways to determine the demographics of your audience.

This is the most important part of the process: creating a buyer persona. If you already have one, that's wonderful! It's common for a corporation to create a buyer's persona (or many) while it's establishing its product or service offerings. It's likely that the individuals you want to sell your goods to are also the people you want to market your video to.

Develop An Idea For A Narrative

Choosing a topic for your film may be both exciting and challenging. The fundamental foundation of your tale consists of the four components listed below.

  1. Having a purpose in mind, this individual should be a good fit for your audience.

  2. It's your customer's problem that you're addressing.

  3. This is how you will present your product or service to the market.

  4. The way your product or service resolves an issue is known as its "solution."

Using these aspects, your tale should lead the spectator on a trip that is in line with your brand's values.

How To Structure Persuasive Video Content For Your Business

Always Keep The Artist's Needs In Mind.

Keep in mind the people who will need to approve your video (your manager, your company's founder, your marketing department, etc.) and the time it takes to implement their feedback as you write your story. In video production marketing, sudden changes in the writing, message, or objectives may throw the entire thing into disarray. Despite this, these shifts are all too common. Take a look at our team's creative feedback guide to learn how to handle it all.

Maintain Consistency With Your Schedule At All Times.

Your video commercial production, from conceptualization to distribution, should be planned according to a schedule. All of these and more need to be part of your planning process and should be included in your overall timetable. Your timeline acts as a beacon, reminding you of the progress you've made and the tasks you still have to do.

Timelines are essential for everyone on your team. Marketing, production, and your social media department will all have their timelines. Stay on top of scheduling updates and let everyone know when things will be finished.

Achieve A Balanced Budget

Everything is subject to the whims of the market! Let's be honest: innovative planning and strategy are necessary. A lack of funds will prevent you from getting what you desire. Make a budget for the money and resources you have available to you. Plan what you'll do in-house and what you'll have a video production company do for you. Prioritize which expenses you can afford to spend more on than others.

Also, do your research, both physically and metaphorically. Determine how much an expert in a certain field charges for various services (such as screenwriting or sound editing) and how much a freelancer or full-time employee may cost you. If you have any questions or concerns, most organizations would be pleased to answer them or direct you to those who can.

Consider the cost of various features and types of videos before deciding which one you want to use and how it will be created before making your decision.


Brands such as yours have a unique opportunity thanks to video marketing's rapid rise. Consumers have come to expect companies of all sizes and across all industries to communicate with them through video, as video continues to outperform other kinds of content. New devices like smartphones and tablets are more video-ready than ever before, and platforms are favouring video content more and more. That means you must take full use of this powerful marketing tool to remain competitive. Your business will suffer if you don't act quickly enough.

Making a stunning short film has never been simpler, thanks to modern technology. At the drop of a hat, you may employ an agency that will take care of everything for you, so you don't have to worry about anything else.

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