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What Do Video Production Companies Do?

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Film production companies make deals with the distributors based on profit sharing. The distributors further arrange for the marketing and promotion of those films. Also, they deal with the theaters and cinemas for the collection of money via ticket sales. These deals could be based on a fixed amount or percentages. a team consisting of technical staff, creative heads, and artists to produce and design content. People from various fields are required to complete a team for a production house. You can hire any video company in Singapore for the services of video production. These companies focus on specific projects and go through the production process.

What Is The Role Of A Production Company?

A production company plays a vital role in the production of films and video content for television, cinema, social media, corporations, and other mediums. It covers all the aspects required for the creation of a video. For instance, the video production process comprises of three stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. So, a video company in Singapore storm the ideas for the video and plan the whole process as per its intent in the pre-production phase. Once the locations, schedule, crew, and scripts are finalised, then the production phase starts with actual filming and shooting of the video. After the shooting of the video comes the last stage of post-production. In this phase, the production company edits, integrates, and synchronizes scenes of the video. For each type of video content, you can find a specialized company that works exclusively for that industry. However, it is not absolute, and most companies offer video services in Singapore in all domains.

Video Production Companies

What Is The Difference Between a Video Production Company And A Film Studio?

To understand the difference between a film studio and a production company, you must know their purposes. A film studio is a private place for the facilitation and shooting of a film. These film studios can be the property of a production company. However, you will also find several independent film studios that rent their space to the production companies for video production.

In contrast, a production company solely focuses on video production services. It consists of a team and staff with expertise in creating video content and shooting films. Moreover, a production company is limited to being an organisation that creates films or makes content for other companies.

Film studios and production companies can interchange their responsibilities as they can share the same market. However, a film studio is a much larger facility that possesses various filming equipment and buildings for video production.

How Does A Film Production Company Make Money?

Film production is not just a creative process but a lucrative business as well. Film production companies invest time and finances on projects as they have expectations of a lot more money to flow into their pockets. They make money by the collaboration of distributors, theaters, and cinemas.

Film production companies make deals with the distributors based on profit sharing. The distributors further arrange for the marketing and promotion of those films. Also, they deal with the theatres and cinemas for the collection of money via ticket sales. These deals could be based on a fixed amount or percentages.

So, the theatres get back to the distributors with ticket sales and their profit share. The distributors report to the film production company as per their contract. That is how the cash flows between different parties and a film production company make money.

What Services Do Production Companies Offer?

Production companies offer several services along with video commercial production. They go through the entire process of video production and perform various functions. Some of the services can entail:

· Creative planning

· Storyboarding

· Scriptwriting

· Video editing

· Sound production

· Lighting design

· Colour Correction & Grading

· Animations

· Talent acquisition

· Set designing

What Should I Look For In A Video Production Company?

When it comes to selecting a video production company for your projects, anyone can get confused. Regardless of the type of project, you need to get a company that fulfils your requirements and presents excellent quality work to you. But, it is challenging to find your dream video production company amongst many other companies offering similar services.

Here are some of the qualities, because of which you can weigh out the pros and cons of different production companies.

High Standards And Quality

Whenever you are looking to hire services, high standards, and quality work are pre-requisites for the company. Whether you need a 30-second social media video content or a 3-hour movie, you cannot comprise on the quality of either of them. You can go through the company's previous work or look into their production process to determine their work quality.

Creative Work

The market for video creation has become saturated. With a plethora of video content posted on social media, you can notice the repetitive pattern, formats, concepts, and scripts. When you go out to find a production company, judge the creativity of their work. You must determine whether their content differs from other videos available on different platforms.

Timely Delivery

When it comes to artistic work and the production of original videos, it is difficult to determine their completion time. However, you should check with the company, whether they are punctual in their deliveries and complete projects in the said time. You will find several signs of their professionalism from the way they handle clients and deal with you. A responsible agency values its clients and respects their time.

Professional Portfolios

When you are deciding on the quality, you would need to view the portfolios of the production company. Their portfolio and previous work will help you discover their style and creativity. You will understand their work pattern, whether it reflects your thoughts or not. It is significant to ascertain the type of work your selected agency handles, as your project would depend on that.

Testimonials And Reviews

Any famous and good production company would have several satisfactory clients’ testimonials and reviews. These testimonials give you evidence of their work quality and the impact of their video production. If the clients review the company as great in communication and rate their work as something that exceeds their expectations, it indicates their credibility. You can trust such an agency for outclass work for your videos.

A Structured Process

Any professional agency would listen to the clients’ expectations and goals to conceptualise the purpose of the project. It follows a structured and systematic procedure from the arrangement of resources to the availability of the equipment. The video production process of a company would demonstrate their commitment and reliable delivery. Such companies can give you a detailed account of the project and timeline for its completion.

Find A Video Production Company In Singapore

Contact us for video services in Singapore. We have the expertise, skills, and professional staff for the creation of video content. You can trust us with the high-quality videos and exceptional services.

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