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In the market of video commercial production, it is important that you work with an experienced company to get the very best quality content for your brand. At Parallax Collective, we have the skills and experience to create engaging content through our brand video production that will be able to help you to build brand awareness, reputation and also reach out to your target audience. Whether you are completely new to the industry, or you have been in the industry for decades, you can rely on our team to create a professional and intriguing video to capture the attention of your audience.


We can create a video commercial for a product within your business, a service that you offer or to create an overall brand awareness for your company. We understand the different requirements of advertisement and have the ability and experience to tailor our niche skillset so that you get the very best out of your money. Our video production can help you to create significant brand awareness, allowing you to build a loyal base of customers and increase your sales revenue on the whole. Here are some of the ways our video commercial production services can help you.





If you are new to a particular market or niche, the most important action you need to take is getting your name to be recognized by the target audience. After all, if your audience does not know about the existence of your company, there will be no opportunity for them to buy from you. We can create fantastic awareness videos that can be promoted on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. These platforms provide your promotional videos with the opportunity to go viral, allowing you to build immense brand awareness. One outstanding video is all it takes to promote your business. We make use of innovative ideas that go against the norms of many other marketing videos, allowing you to stand out from the competition and scale your company.




As well as building up your reputation, we can also help you to build trust between you and your customer base. Whilst this is not a big problem for global multinationals, it is a crucial factor for SMEs in Singapore. If you are able to build trust between you and your consumer base, you are able to build up a loyal group of customers who will support you again and again. These returning customers are the key to building your business and the foundation of building a brand name. Our professional videos can help you to build this trust, outlining the many benefits of working with you, whilst also using testimonials and reviews to promote your offerings.




Our team take pride in our ability to create truly outstanding video content that not only engages but excites your viewers. We use a wide range of special effects, combined with the expertise of our editors’ skills in order to create videos that engage your viewers with your brand. By going against the ‘norms’ of video commercials, we are able to help you stand out no matter how saturated your market may be. Our brand video production team will help you to stand out and bring your ideas to life. We will work closely with you throughout the project, bouncing ideas from your team to ours in order to create content that engages with your audience. By working with you throughout each stage, we are able to make sure that we are on the same page and help bring your ideas to life.


Commercial videos are a highly effective way for businesses to convey their message to their target audience. When done well, commercial videos act as a powerful marketing tool that you can use for any size of business, no matter in which industry you are.

With our highly professional video commercial production at Parallax Collective, we produce masterpieces that inspire your audience to take action, inspiring them effortlessly in a way that no other medium can.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to commercial video production. Overall, the process of commercial video production could be overwhelming. However, while working with Parallax Collective, you get support at every step along the way. We offer exceptional service to our clients with expertise no matter what the size of their project is.

Elevate your marketing efforts by using the power of videos. The professional commercial video production team at Parallax uses product video content to provide your customers with a captivating visual experience and "WOW" them every time.

We have video commercial production experts in our team. Our professional commercial video producers ensure an increase in engagement and provide you with the content that guarantees a high return on investment.

Watch as our commercial videos engage your audience on social media, digital, and other platforms and help you increase your bottom line.

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