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At Parallax, we take pride in our ability to create professional and engaging videos in Singapore. With our industry-leading technology along with our passionate team of experts, we are able to effectively create a wide range of professional videos for every single one of our clients. By making use of only the best technology, we are able to capture every crucial moment within a film, ensuring that we are able to convey any message you are trying to send. We will be working closely with you throughout the whole process of your video production. Whether you have a wealth of experience creating videos, or you have never created a video before, our team of visionaries can help bring your ideas to life. From pre-production to post-production, we will be guiding you through each stage, ensuring that we are able to thoroughly meet your demands. Guiding you through each stage allows us to ensure your satisfaction with the film that we are producing.


Our attention to detail and truly exceptional service has allowed us to quickly become a leading video company within Singapore. Today, we work with many clients from various niches, providing them with expert video services in Singapore to promote their business, corporation or product. Here is how our process works.




Before we actually begin with the production of any video, our team will take some time to build a strong foundation for the film. From the very onset, we envision your ideas for a video and build on them to create the ideal video for your business. Once we have an idea, we will begin to construct a script. We are a video company in Singapore with a wealth of experience designing a wide range of scripts, allowing us to efficiently portray your idea or product in a way that engages with your customers. After the script has been created and we have effectively designed each scene for your film, we will begin with production.









During production, our team will begin to turn your ideas into reality. We will be working meticulously on each and every scene, ensuring that we will have enough content to cover the essence of your branding within the video. Our team will be working hard on set to ensure that we will be able to capture every detail and emotion throughout the entire process. After all, we believe that delivering sand showcasing the right emotion is the first step to engage the product and brand with the viewer. Due to our strong experience with video services in Singapore, as well as our knowledge regarding film itself, we are able to complete production efficiently without compromising the quality of the film. We ensure that our team will be able to meet our promised deadlines as we take pride in our ability to create a fun, exciting environment while showcasing our ability to produce films of the highest quality. Once all the filming has been completed, we will move on to our post-production services.




During post-production, our team will begin to bring the film together. Making use of the best editing technology is where the team will be able to work their magic and bring your ideas to life. We combine exciting technologies and editing features to create an innovative, groundbreaking film that effectively engages with your target audience. We make sure to edit each aspect of your video, ensuring everything is of the highest quality. This includes everything from the sound which consists of the best sound effects and music, to the quality of the video itself. With the use of special effects and any additional add-ons that may be deemed necessary, we will be able to make your video stand out as much as possible while engaging your audience.

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